Macmillan Digital Services

Macmillan Digital Services gives publishers, who are distributed by Macmillan Distribution, the chance to use Macmillan's expertise and development in the new digital arena and offer their customers services such as ecommerce and ebook publishing without the need for huge investment. Macmillan's own ebooks are available at

About Macmillan Digital Services

Macmillan Digital Services is able to offer publishers, who are distributed by Macmillan Distribution, the use of global services developed by Macmillan India for the benefit of the Macmillan Group. These services are available to publishers from all types of publishing including trade, academic, schools, and children's books. By using Macmillan's global services, investment is kept low in a typically high cost area. This allows clients to experiment with new business models and also concentrate on and achieve their primary goals of publishing and promoting their lists.

What can Macmillan Digital Services offer you?

Currently Macmillan Digital Services offers publishers, who are distributed by Macmillan Distribution, the ability to sell their print books online using ecommerce and also to convert, host and sell their titles as ebooks.


Macmillan recently relaunched its websites with the capability of selling print books to customers online. Publishers can now also sell their books via the internet by using these enhancements developed by Macmillan.


Macmillan has developed an ebook platform called ContentStore through their Macmillan India company, MPS Technologies. All the global Macmillan publishing divisions are using MPS Technologies to convert and host their titles as ebooks. These ebooks can then be sold online using ContentStore's ecommerce, or customers can Browse Inside the ebooks for free. Customers can then choose to purchase a print or electronic copy off the publisher's website, through a retailer's website or in a bookshop. Click here for more information on ContentStore, contact or see Macmillan Australia's own ebooks website at

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