Macmillan Digital Library Flash Presentation
This CD contains a high-quality, interactive digital versions of the 6 titles in the What's in my Food? series. This fascinating series introduces children to the nutrients inside food
It comes with a full site licence providing you with the flexibility to use the digital books in the ways that best suit your school needs with as many students as required simultaneously.
The CD contains the interactive PDF files for the following 6 titles:
The digital books can be used in a variety of settings and the key features include:
• fast access to information required via the inbuilt links
• multiple ways to navigate information to suit student needs
• pop-up glossary definitions
• use of Acrobat Reader functions provide numerous opportunities for interactivity.

Enhancing learning
The digital books can be viewed and read on a computer providing a source for students to undertake research using a digital format.

Enhancing teaching
You can use the digital books with small groups or the whole class. The Adobe features enable you to use the files interactively with an IWB:
• annotate, highlight and underline the text or images as you work through the content on a page
• add sticky notes and text boxes comments or questions, ready for students to discuss or complete
• zoom in and out quickly to focus on relevant parts of the page
• plus more.