Macquarie Revision Guides present a concise review of the core HSC subjects.

Covering over 25 HSC and Preliminary subjects the guides provide a straightforward revision of the syllabus that simplifies even the most complex theory and concepts for students.

Users of the Macquarie Revision Guides will find free online tests and support below. You will find the passwords allowing you to access this support in your guide.

Macquarie Revision Guides NSW: Preliminary Guides, Free Online Tests

Preliminary Biology1Bio.xls|View(528Kb)
Preliminary Business Studies1Business.xls|View(264Kb)
Preliminary Chemistry1chemist.xls|View(156Kb)
Preliminary General Mathematics1GnMaths.xls|View(252Kb)
Preliminary Legal Studies1LegalSt.xls|View(148Kb)
Preliminary PDHPE1PDHPE.xls|View(184Kb)
Preliminary Physics1Physics.xls|View(152Kb)

Macquarie Revision Guides NSW: HSC Guides, Free Online Tests

HSC Ancient History2AncHist.xls|View(276Kb)
HSC Biology2Biology.xls|View(236Kb)
HSC Business Studies2Busines.xls|View(152Kb)
HSC Chemistry2Chemist.xls|View(160Kb)
HSC Economics2Econom.xls|View(316Kb)
HSC English2EngSkills.pdf|View(284Kb)
HSC General Mathematics2GnMaths.xls|View(224Kb)
HSC Geography2Geogrph.xls|View(152Kb)
HSC IPT2IPT.xls|View(144Kb)
HSC Legal Studies2LegalSt.xls|View(136Kb)
HSC Modern History2ModHist.xls|View(156Kb)
HSC PDHPE2PDHPE.xls|View(156Kb)
HSC Physics2Physics.xls|View(156Kb)
HSC Studies of Religion2Religio.xls|View(164Kb)

Macquarie Revision Guides NSW: HSC English, Audio

These audio files are a three way panel discussion of the HSC SAMPLE ENGLISH PAPER 1 found on this page.

The discussion offers advice for taking each section in the paper including:

• dealing with unseen texts in Section 1

• ideas for creative writing in Section 2

• preparing an essay on the Area of Study (Journeys) in Section 3.

HSC English Sample PaperHSCSAMPLEENGLISH PAPER1.pdf|View(284Kb)
HSC English Sample 1 AudioHSCSAM1.wma|View(320Kb)
HSC English Sample 2 AudioHSCSAM2.wma|View(8.2Mb)
HSC English Sample 3 AudioHSCSAM3.wma|View(11Mb)
HSC English Sample 4 AudioHSCSAM4.wma|View(19Mb)

Macquarie Revision Guides NSW: Other Downloads

HSC Ancient History:

3 bonus chapters:

The Greek world: 446--399 BCbonusCh03.pdf|View(460Kb)
HSC Business Studies: Case StudyBillabong_CS_edited.doc|View(120Kb)